National Doctor Of Pharmacy Association India


“NDPA India” is a national level association working for the welfare of Doctor of Pharmacy professionals. NDPA India is an awareness platform that aims to inspire and encourage the next generation Doctor of Pharmacy i.e. Pharm.D, health leaders globally. “NDPA India” is the leading platform for all Pharm.D Professionals.

A few years ago in 2016 it was felt that after completing the Pharm.D course, thousands of of Pharm.D Graduates were suffering from unemployment due to lack of awareness about the roles of Pharm.D in Healthcare system and the public, also the governing body PCI and Health Ministry didn’t take any initiatives about awareness program related to the importance of Pharm.D professionals in the Indian healthcare system, for which it was introduced in this fast developing country.

It was felt that representations of Pharm.D professionals were not sent to different authorities and it was decided to come up with an association which will represent each and every Pharm.D Professional in India by uniting all the Pharm.D graduates from each nook and corner of India.

Dr. Ramprasad Kakasaheb Nagare and his team are the founder of the association. The association has been successfully united thousands of Pharm.D professionals and is continually growing for uniting more and more Pharm.D Professionals of India under this one roof with their precious guidance.


Dr. Ramprasad Kakasaheb Nagare

National President

Mr. Satyam Pandey

Secretary General

Mr. Ratnakar


karuna nidhan pharm.d

Mr. Karuna Nidhan


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